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Lift the curtain and wow the audience

We have something for anyone, any interest

Working together to create magic

It truly takes a village to support these crowd-pleasing productions. See below for more info on all of our roles we need help filling for every show.

What are the different departments I can get involved with?

Every show, we open our door to a plethora of volunteers to fill and assist with these vital roles.


Set Design

Go ahead, make a scene

Creating the physical surroundings that sets the mood and atmosphere of the script

  • Learn set construction

  • Paint & practice design 

  • Safely use power tools

image (2).png


Behind the curtain squad

Ensuring a smooth show performance with in-the-moment, quick reactions 

  • Cue actors to the stage

  • Help wardrobe changes

  • Set props in between scenes 


Costumes & Props

Use your fashion skills

Helping display character and set personalities by finding rare outfits & accessories

  • Help manage theatre closet

  • Shop for time period items

  • Do tailoring & alterations

image (1).png

Lights & Sound

Affect with effects

Making the "soundscape" of the production through the combination of music and effects

  • Time special effects

  • Learn lighting & color

  • Create moods on stage


Hair & Makeup

Be a master beautician

Creating dramatic looks from gruesome and scary to stunning and gorgeous

  • Work with diverse wigs

  • Use extensive hair tools

  • Apply intense stage makeup



Make big moves

Leading actors in the art of dance in our annual musical performances

  • Create many sequences

  • Instruct & edit movement

  • Help convey director vision

Looking for other ways to volunteer?

We have broad and diverse opportunities for every interest.

We offer everything from ushering or performing to internships or professional management!

Join the Cast

Take your place on stage and shine for your community!

Student Opportunities

Earning those credits doesn't have to be tedious; it can be fun!

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