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Volunteers who make a difference

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Meet Our People

Our theatre thrives because of the passion and heart of our volunteer leaders.

Pamela Strecker | President

Pam has been working behind the scenes for many years in every possible capacity although her favorite is Stage Manager. Pam is a graduate of Troy University and currently works as an Administrator for McLaughlin Mortuary.

"Stage Crafters has been a major part of my life for the last 20 plus years and the people in this organization have become my second family.."

Nancy Kruzek | Vice President

Nancy, the grand dame of Stage Crafters, has been with us from the beginning. She has been active every year since 1972. Nancy can be found on and off stage, she has done everything from ASM to director, President to housekeeping. Stage Crafters would be lost without her.

"I love Stage Crafters for bringing live theatre to the community, a unique shared experience. It makes us laugh, cry and can send us home humming."

Chuck Harrison
Chuck Harrison | Secretary

Chuck has been with Stage Crafters on and off stage for 3 years. Chuck retired from the Air Force in 2021 and works at Keller Williams Emerald Coast. His passion is musicals but has come to enjoy the technical side of theater.

"Stage Crafters is a powerful organization for promoting the arts in our community and I am grateful to be involved."

Darsi Ewing | Treasurer

Darsi has been ‘with’ StageCrafters for over 25 years, on the board for 6 years, with the current run of 4 years. She can be found supporting behind the scenes, working the front of house, and has had the titles of Producer and Treasurer.

"I love that Stage Crafters opens it’s heart to everyone who comes thru the doors … of the Rehearsal Hall and the Auditorium."

Craig Ewing | Business Manager

Craig “retired” in 2022 from a 35-year career with the USAF as a senior research scientist and now works for a defense contractor in weapons simulation.  He has been with us since 1987 and our business manager for more than 25 years.

"It's so great to have Stage Crafters as an outlet for the creative/artistic side of a weapons engineer."

Interested in joining our team?

We have a place for you! We currently have opportunities to be a chair person for different departments within the theatre.


Our departments include Publicity, Costumes, Props, Lights & Sound, and much more! Reach out today for more info on our openings.

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